That Blogging Life, OR Look, A Cat

This is not my first blog. Not by a long shot. I had a well-loved (by me) craft blog for a number of years that fell to the wayside as I moved away from the blogger platform and more into WordPress. I once blogged my foray into weightlifting pretty extensively on the site that is now home to Syntax & Salt: Stories. I have written a handful of posts for the magazine, and on my small writing site, but to say I’ve been consistent with content or intent would be entirely remiss. Every journal I’ve started since 2003 has been partially filled and then abandoned.

My dearest friend, benny Vasquez, and I have talked about the idea that journaling requires time to examine the interior, to remain there long enough to formulate thoughts on what the hell is going on, and then to get it on paper. Time itself is something I am most often racing against, but in the same slow, heavy-breathing, sad way that I actually run, which means I never, ever win. “Journaling isn’t about winning,” benny would probably tell me, except she would be wrong, because I can make anything be about winning and she hasn’t been blogging either. SO THERE.

My intent now is to get back to regularly writing and posting. It’s good to have goals, yeah? And there really just are not enough blogs out there talking about knitting, reading, cats, the increasingly loud call of the Upper Peninsula, customer experience, running a magazine, writer’s block, and weight lifting. (This is a lie.)

So, welcome, here is a picture of my cat:


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