Things I Have Done Instead of Writing

I’ve had more writer’s block in the last year than I can recall ever having. There were certainly times where I didn’t write frequently, but that had more to do with time and priority, not the pure white noise that happens now when I sit down to turn an idea into something more. The ideas are there, the prose is not. The connections don’t connect. The tension doesn’t rise to the occasion, so to speak. Which means I spend the time I set aside to write basically fidgeting. Effing around, as it were.

Maybe you are a writer, and you also are looking for some ways to eff around, meaningful ways to spend your time doing anything except what you set out to do in the first place. I personally like to start with things that feel like they are related to writing, so I don’t lose all hope right away.

Things that seem a little bit like they are helpful, but probably are not: 

  • Make a really detailed map of your story’s locale– you could draw this out, or you could use all of your (kids’) LEGO to go 3D. Sky’s the limit, don’t hold yourself back.
  • Create lengthy playlists for every character in your story. Call it mood-building.
  • Watch every single episode of the Marvel Netflix shows, except for Iron Fist, because seriously, why WHY do we need more wealthy chosen white dudes for these shows to revolve around?
  • Pinterest. Obviously. Where else are you going to waste hours looking for pictures that inspire your character creation? And if you happen to start building a tattoo inspiration playlist instead, well, it’s still creative, friends.
  • Delete all the memes from your photo stream that you will probably want within the next week, to feel more organized.
  • Add more memes to your photo stream to replace the empty feeling inside from looking at the blank screen. An empty writer is a sad writer. Don’t be a sad writer.
  • Facebook-Twitter-Instragram (repeat 182 times) because something is definitely happening right this very second that will potentially inspire you to write.
  • Alphabetize something. Books, knitting patterns, whatever you have on hand. Plus, this will stretch your writing skills by forcing you to run through your letters, over and over again. See? Still related.


If all else fails, you can start a literary magazine. That should keep you occupied.


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