Jimothy AND YOU

Man, y’all have FEELINGS about Jimothy. Some of you really wanted to know who Jimothy is, because you want to know if maybe you’re friends with a Work Bro like this, or maybe even if you are a Work Bro, and a few of you want to punch Jimothy or yell at him or do some other things that frankly speaking I find a little distressing. Maybe you want to get involved the next time he monopolizes my time so you can set him straight. Whatever the motivation, it would seem  that you do not care for Jimothy Work Bro.

“No Sir, I don’t like him.” 

Here’s the thing, we all know a Jimothy in one way or another. I’m never going to out a specific co-worker to the masses or my colleagues or anyone, because I don’t do crowd justice unless we’re talking about Nazis. Fuck Nazis, punch every last one of them. Also, let’s not forget there’s more than one Jimothy in pretty much every work place, and some of them probably have no idea they’ve been classified as such. You are welcome to tell them, though, because that would take the pressure of me and the other ladies, and we would not hate that.

If you’re genuinely worried about the kind of environment a Jimothy contributes to, especially if you are a dude, here’s what you can do:

  1. Talk to the bros you know about being respectful to women* in the work place and in general, and why it matters to you personally. As you may have noticed, they don’t really care when I tell them why it matters to me, as the actual woman who is being slighted and disrespected, which is bullshit, because you would think my feelings on my own treatment would be important. Clearly they are not. So have those conversations for us, because you genuinely think we matter and should have a voice.
  2. Take off the cape. I do not need anyone to interrupt me and have my back when I am telling Jimothy to find something better to do with his time. In fact, doing this only further undermines my own agency as a person. I appreciate the intent behind the offer, but instead the effort would be more valuable if directed to the regular, tedious work of modeling and supporting an environment where Jimothy knows he can’t be this kind of Work Bro. A start? Stop making or laughing at that fucking sandwich/girl brain/whatever sexist joke. It’s not funny, I don’t care how many ladies are laughing along with it, because if we didn’t laugh with it, then someone would tell us why it actually is funny, and how wrong we are to be offended because THEY DIDN’T MEAN ANYTHING BY IT and now I’m all mad again. I am not laughing at your shitty make me a sandwich joke, Friend Zone, so fuck off back to the kitchen with it.
  3. If you’re in leadership, learn how to hire diverse talent, and then learn how to help the people you hire succeed. The playing field is not and never has been level, friend, and if you have the power to even the odds up, then your job is to do so.
  4. In the end, it’s not really about you. Stand up for equality and equity because it’s the right thing to do, not so you look like a hero. If you came for the gratitude, move on along, I’m not handing out t-shirts here.

There’s more, there’s always more, but this is a start.

*I focused on women here, because that is my scope of experience, but this also applies to supporting  anyone who is put at a disadvantage by not being Jimothy Work Bro.


  1. I am totally digging the sass here, as well as the flat out truth being spoken. There are too many of these Work Bros and way too many other guys who either feed into it, or just go along with it because “that’s just how things are here”, instead of recognizing that they have the requisite influence and moral obligation to change the status quo in those situations. We women already have enough on our plates just trying to do our jobs, without having to also deal with said Work Bros, and fight for better treatment for ourselves on top of that. The onus is on the socially conscious guys in the work environment to recognize, shut down and fight against the sexist status quo. And it’s not about taking anything away from guys, it’s about raising up women to the same level of treatment and regard that men are automatically entitled to, and expect to receive, due to their gender.

    Katy L Aldrich

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